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Sparkling Brut Il Rosa Sparkling Brut Il Rosa

A new label for Rosa,  elegant and essential to underline the refined and balanced taste of our Brut rosé sparkling wine, emotions that vibrate.

A white background on which stands the name of the wine "Il Rosa" framed by a simple frieze in relief and the Italian indication, referring to the production method used, Charmat, also known as the Italian method, and the timeless style Made in Italy. We have chosen the transparency of the glass and the linearity of the label to ensure that the vividness of the color is the protagonist and already announces the fragrance of the perfumes and the harmony of the flavor.
Rosa is our alternative drinking proposal, a persuasive bubble capable of blending the qualities of two opposing grape varieties in origin and characteristics, Raboso Piave and Pinot Noir.

The Raboso and the Piave plain

The Raboso and the Piave plain represent one of the pillars of the history of Treviso viticulture.
The first evidence of the existence of the Raboso vine dates back to 1521, a time when it was known as Friulara, with clear reference to historic Friuli which at the time reached the left bank of the river.
Probably a cross of wild vines of this plain, the Raboso Piave is a strong and luxuriant vine, so much so that it was necessary to invent a training system dedicated to it, the Bellussera, which still today governs its vegetative exuberance and preserves it. the grapes from the frost of the plain. Symbol of fatigue and rebirth, survived two world wars, it was the wine par excellence of the Serenissima; food for the farmers and versatile drink for the nobles who also used it to flavor and color the unhealthy and not very drinkable water of the lagoon.
Historically known is the sour character of the wine, angry indeed, due to its high acidity supported by a notable charge of color and a sustained structure.
And it is precisely these characteristics of high acidity and coloring charge that make Raboso Piave grape ideal for the production of sparkling wines recognizable by the color rich in intense and lively nuances and by the marked aromas of cherry and red fruits.

The great red grape of Burgundy, Pinot Noir

The great red grape of Burgundy, Pinot Noir, is among the oldest grapes of which there is historical information, in all likelihood it is a clay variety made by man at least 2000 years ago from a selection of wild vines. Due to its genetic characteristics it is a difficult grape to grow and make wine; the small and tight bunch, the thin skin sensitive to heat and parasites, the low level of anthocyanins requires a particular level of attention, preferring a dry and cool climate and a well-drained soil. Our Pinot Noir, vinificated in white, creates an exciting sensorial balance in the Cuveé, balancing the exuberance of Raboso with its elegance and structure and adding fragrant hints of strawberry and berries.

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