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VINE FLOWERS...? Featured

The unpredictable weather of these weeks has made the forecast of flowering difficult, however, offering us the nice excuse to get out more often than expected among the rows, for a constant control of vines   growth.

The flowering of the vine is a crucial moment and represents a delicate and fundamental phase for wine production.

The flowers in fact release the pollen completing the fertilization and allowing the development of the bunches of grapes.


Have you ever seen Glera flowers?
The flowers are almost imperceptible, consisting of tiny yellow-white petals, which, however, release an intense, unmistakable scent!
A wonderful yet quick spectacle of nature: in little more than a week, in fact, the flowering ends.

Visiting our hills in this period is a unique experience, between flower scents and amazing landscapes.


But what are the optimal conditions for a good flowering?
- temperatures around 20 ºC - 25 ºC or between 15 ºC and 30 ºC
- balance of the humidity levels
- correct sun exposure
- disease prevention through the control of pathogens
- manual aid by the winegrower by thinning the foliage to improve sun exposure and air circulation


The flowering of the vine is a fascinating and complex process, which requires attention and care from winemakers.
The success of this phase directly affects the productive and qualitative potential of the harvest.
With careful management and a bit of luck with weather conditions, flowering can lead to a fruitful growing season and a production of high quality wines.