Ripening, harvest and quality of the grapes in the 2020 vintage

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The ripening of the grapes affects the quality of their harvest, affecting the composition of the harvest and the goodness of the 2020 vintage wine.

The degree of ripeness of the grapes is the most important factor in this last and delicate phase of their development because it allows us to evaluate the quantity and quality of the grape components which will in turn determine the characteristics and evolution of the new Prosecco Superiore. Sommariva 2020. It is therefore essential for us to monitor it with care and criteria every day until harvest.


Ripe grapes are a different concept than grapes ripening. While in the first case we can refer to a fruit that has completed its physiological development, the concept of ripening does not yet have a rigorous definition since it is not an absolute character; the ripening is more or less good and more or less quickly reached depending on the clone of the vine, the rootstock used, the cultivation conditions, the oenological goal to be achieved, the climatic trend of the year.

There is no definitive physiological state but degrees or states of ripeness that are expressed through the analytical values of the substances that make up the grape or through the relationships between these values. What most interests the production of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore is the relationship between sugars and acidity called the ripening index. Although sugars and acids are not the only substances that accumulate in grapes, the variations in their values remain the most significant before harvesting and the organoleptic characteristics of the future wine are closely linked to them.



Heat, light and humidity are some of the main factors that affect the ripening of the grapes.
These three elements, translated respectively into air and soil temperature, duration and intensity of solar rays and finally rain, contribute to the growth of the plant, from roots to leaves, and to all those phenomena of photosynthesis, biosynthesis, respiration and transpiration that allow the accumulation in the bunches of sugars, organic acids and aromas, essential to obtain a quality Prosecco Superiore. All in a relative balance.

In fact, during ripening temperatures that are too high, abundant rainfall or on the contrary the lack of rain can cause an accumulation in excess or in lack of sugars; as well as too high temperatures and scarce rains can result in a decrease in acids, especially malic acids.
The aromatic composition of Glera is also affected by variations in temperature and light, developing some scents compared to others, as well as excess moisture in the soils, especially if prolonged, can reduce the concentration of aromatic substances or develop vegetable aromas.



This is the harvest that gives optimism after a start of the year marred by tragic events that have involved the whole world. Under the hot September sun, the strictly manual harvesting operations of the 2020 harvest are underway. This vintage promises a Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore of great quality, fresh and rich in aromas and taste that perhaps more than the previous vintages projects the organoleptic differences between the two extremes of the Denomination into the glass, subtle and floral wines in the northwest, full-bodied and fruity southeast.
The 2020 production campaign began with a mild winter, a sunny spring with little rain and a hot summer with rainfall distributed over the entire period, thus allowing the Glera to grow large and healthy clusters without water stress or burns. In short, this year too Prosecco Superiore will not disappoint consumers who want to taste a great quality Spumante.

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