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The added value of our Prosecco Superiore is sustainability placed at the center of a production model that maximizes resources and respects the environment

Producing a Prosecco Superiore that combines sustainability and quality means knowing how to combine some typical if not exclusive aspects of viticulture. On the one hand there are the highly subjective factors that bind man to the vine: the experience, the traditions that are handed down, the sense of attachment to one's own territory and finally the characteristics of the latter that are reflected on the vine and wine.
On the other hand, there is the objective data of the markets, the commitment to offer one's wine at its best so that the various interlocutors can appreciate it, understand it and express an opinion on the production methods, on the techniques but above all to evaluate how all our work can interact with the environment and what impact this can have on the quality of the wine. The adoption of sustainable processing methods therefore represent today an important discriminant in the choice of wine since it emphasizes the attention to the conscious use of increasingly limited environmental resources and the desire to give our customers excellent quality. And this is a fundamental value for us.

Sustainability is thought and action

Sustainability is thought and action
Among the various definitions of the word sustainability, the one that most guides us speaks of a global commitment that leads to a development model that can guarantee a better quality of life, social, economic and environmental. How to contribute to this cause? The starting point is to understand that acting sustainably is a capacity that is acquired through education and practice: a thought that transforms itself into a way of being. But the thought that is formed must start from the founding columns of our being: values. The social values of legality and solidarity, those for taking care of the things we love, and those more difficult to honor than respect for the environment and the ethical use of the planet's available natural resources. Our values are the result of our history and our personal choices. Only by keeping them alive can we direct our thinking and actions towards building a better world.

Integrated quality

Integrated and sustainable quality thus becomes our thinking which becomes action through adherence to the National Quality System of Integrated Production, a voluntary program of defense and integrated production aimed at identifying and certifying all those products obtained in compliance with strict protocols that provide for binding indications about agronomic and phytosanitary practices, limitations to the use of synthetic products and to the treatments and traceability systems of wines.
The goal is to strengthen our production model over time, a model that acts according to agronomic techniques that take into account the specific needs and limits of each individual vineyard, foreseeing the consequences that our interventions could have on the environment and on the quality of the vineyard our Prosecco Superiore trying at the same time not to lose our identity, rather strengthening it through the enhancement of our history, our culture and our territory.

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